ECOWHITE - Dầu trắng




  •  - These are colourless technical white oils are made from petroleum lube fraction by means of dewaxing, chemical refining and hydrotreating.
  •  - The Oil are almost free of aromatics, sulphur and nitrogen and exhibit good oxidation and thermal stability.
  •  - Ecowhite fulfils the requirements of direct food contact lubricants, non-staining textile lubricants...



  •  - Good thermal and oxidation stability.
  •  - Excellent chemical stability.
  •  - Non staining.
  •  - Non toxic.
  •  - Prolong service life.



  •  Ecowhite are suitable for manufacturing synthetic fibres, spray oils, cosmetics and also for lubrication, coating and rust protection in food processing and textile industries.


Density @15oC 0.860
Kinematic Viscosity @40oC, Cst 32
Kinematic Viscosity @100oC, Cst 5,5
Viscosity index VI 102
Flash Point, COC, oC 250
Pour point, oC -15
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